The usual problem -
Your car won't start.

The usual scenario is that the engine turns over ok, but will not start.
You've tried Easystart or similar, but the engine still wont run, except for maybe a few seconds.
Maybe it has cut out and won't restart, or it just wont start when you try to start up.
Typically, this will be caused by a failure of the main transistor in the control unit (the EDU / EDC).
Fault codes P1551, P1561, P1360, P1361, P1651, P1661 will be further confirmation that the fault lies with the electrics.

With this fault, it is usually "all or nothing" -  there's not usually any warning, although recovery for a few days after cutting out or not starting has been known.
If you have had recent problems with poor running, loss of power, black or white smoke etc, then this generally indicates a different cause altogether, and our service is not likely to help you.
(Note that if you have code P0216, you have a ruptured diaphragm - we can't help with this)


Why does the transistor fail?

The transistor almost always fails in the same way - it is black and burnt up through overheating.
The VP44's design relies on the fuel flowing trough it to keep it cool, and if conditions are such that there is too little fuel flowing, damage can result through overheating.

The remedy -
Replace the EDU transistor.

We don't recommend you try to replace the transistor yourself - it's a very delicate operation to do so.
Fortunately, we offer an economical fixed price transistor replacement service.
We use top spec transistors with low resistance and high current specifications, that will keep as cool as possible and be capable of withstanding heavy loads.
In addition, we make use of compounds to ensure that heat is conducted away from the transistor to the maximum possible degree.
These precautions help ensure that the transistor runs as cool as possible and will continue to function for the rest of the life of the vehicle.

Could I just replace the EDU with a used one?

We don't recommend this option because there are dozens of different variations of the VP44, and each has its own version of EDU, and they are not interchangeable.
Even if you did find an identical one, you would still need to get it coded to your vehicle, and of course, it could be faulty anyway.

Our fixed price transistor replacement service.

You can send us the EDU from your pump and we will replace the transistor for you.
This service is for Bosch pumps type VP44 and VP30 (PSG5 version only).
Please first see our Stripdown page for how to remove the EDU from the pump.


VP44 solutions for your vehicle.


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