1. Verify your pump type.

Your pump should look something like this:

VP44 pump
The EDU is the box fixed to the top.


2. Verify your EDU type

Your EDU should look like this:

Make certain that there is only ONE multiplug present.
(If yours has two, it is the PSG16, which is unsuitable for this service.)

3. Clean it!

Thoroughly clean the EDU with engine cleaner or similar and ensure all dirt etc is removed before doing anything else.
We want to receive a clean item, and you don't want dirt falling into your pump!

4. Remove bolts.

Remove the 8 bolts that secure the EDU to the pump.

5. Cut wires

There are 4 wires connecting the EDU to the pump.
Cut each wire, ensuring that you stagger each cut so you know which wire is which when you get the EDU back.
DO NOT attempt to desolder the wires or undo them at the terminals.
(When you come to refit the EDU, use crimp connectors. DO NOT SOLDER.)

6. Unfasten the ribbon

Some customers overlook this step and damage the unit by ripping the ribbon.
It is vital that you carefully unfasten the ribbon before you attempt the remove the EDU from the pump!
There are 2 small screws to undo. Take care not to drop them into the pump!


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